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Harrison Assessments od momentu powstania w 1990 roku zbudował sieć ponad 1000 wysoce wykwalifikowanych partnerów na całym świecie. Nasza Technologia Zarządzania Talentami nie ma sobie równych. W połączeniu z ludźmi o cechach i doświadczeniu jak niżej wymienieni Kluczowi Partnerzy wyniki dotyczące efektywności organizacji są nieocenione. Aby zmaksymalizować korzyści z inwestycji w Harrison Assessments, rekomendujemy zaangażowanie Certyfikowanego Partnera Harrison.

HA Representative Nigel Gracie
Nigel Gracie

Nigel is an experienced and passionate commercial leader with 20 years of commercial leadership experience within HR and L&D solutions, with particular expertise in psychometric assessments. He has significant leadership experience having led sales teams, been a member of sales leadership teams and wider organisational leadership teams.

Lars Aberg

Lars Aberg has senior business development and recruitment consultant as a speciality with more than 30 years of experience in carrying out extremely varied assignments within the above business areas. Customers have been among the most diverse types in a large number of industries and public activities. Lars is the founder and co-owner of Absolute Focus (AbFo AB) and Harrison Assessments Nordic AB. Lars has a Harrison Accreditation with over 20 years of experience of working with the Harrison Assessment Tool. Lars has a Business Education of Master degree at the University of Gothenburg. Lars is situated in Gothenburg but operate all over Sweden.

Brenda Crowley

Brenda Crowley, Managing Partner, CMD Training Institute, holds a BA(Hons) Degree in Business Administration and Management. She is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant. With 25+ year's experience in people development, she has worked with professionals, at all levels, in various sectors. She has as strong desire to help individuals and businesses develop and drives this passion forward through building lasting partnerships with her clients. Brenda provides Harrison Solutions relating to employee/team development, improving performance and engagement & retention. She incorporates Harrison Solutions into their Leadership and Management programmes and works with senior managers/executives, leaders and business owners helping them to understand and identify their key behaviours which impact on performance and satisfaction, resulting in a refreshing new perspective.

Andrea Danner

Andrea Danner is based in Hamburg, Germany. She holds a MBA degree, majoring in HR and Finance. In the last 25 years she gained her expertise and experience from working in operational roles as HR Executive on the management teams for Pepsi Cola, Germany and the Hay Group in Philadelphia as well as a senior consultant working with international top tier companies in all aspects of leadership effectiveness. She offers Harrison solutions to leaders and companies, focusing on leadership and team effectiveness as well as employee engagement. Her major driver is to inspire leaders and their teams to connect their head with their heart in order to thrive in a complex, fast moving world.

Kivanc Ersoz

Kivanc Ersoz based in Istanbul, Turkey has a B.S. degee in Economics. Kivanc has 37 years of business experience with 27years as a Career Consultant in several Career Consultancy and Coaching areas. Kivanc is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of E&E Group in Istanbul, Turkey. E&E Group (1992) is a leading Executive Talent Management & Career Consulting Company operating in Turkey who specialise in Executive Search, including Board members, Outplacement, Change & Transition Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership & Career Development, Assessment, Training & Employee Engagement. E&E Group became the Turkish Distributor for Harrison Assessments International in 2014 has been providing Harrison solutions related to recruitment & selection, executive coaching, leadership development, and team development since then.

Jacques Fulcrant

Jacques Fulcrant has a professional background that led him to assume managerial functions as Managing Director of subsidiaries in Asia, Oceania and South America for more than 30 years. Convinced that the success of companies depends on the development of women and men, he also managed the division in charge of training for the all France Telecom Group's workforce. Nourished by this path, it offers training and coaching solutions (certified by HEC Paris) in the accompaniment of leaders and teams. Jacques currently provides Harrison Solutions to clients in France and Africa such as Bolloré Transports & Logistics, Wearesocial, Dexia.

Pat Hutchinson

Pat Hutchinson is based in the Midlands, UK. She has over 20 years' experience in designing and delivering results focused leadership and skills training and coaching to senior executives in a variety of large organisations including B & Q, Sanofi Aventis, Perkin Elmer, Quicksilva, XPO, Wincanton, Specsavers, Panacea Selection, Inland Revenue, Carbogen Amcis, Co-operative Society, EMC, Home Office, SGS College, Exertis Micro-P, Matthew Clark, Coventry University, Oxford HR and Network Rail. She is the author and co-author of Brilliant NLP, Brilliant NLP workbook, How to Sell with NLP and How to be Confident with NLP. Pat uses a combination of NLP and Harrison Assessments to help people achieve excellence. She has introduced Harrison to Network Rail, Morrison Utility Services, Matthew Clark, XPO, Oxford HR, Quicksilva and Medicin Sans Frontiere.

Gerry Murray

Gerry Murray draws on the latest Neuroscience research to provide insights for clients. Since 2004, he has worked as an Advisor, Trainer and Coach to Senior Managers, in both small and large organisations. Gerry introduced Harrison Assessments to Belgium in 2014 and since then has built a team of Harrison Consultants to service clients. In 2008, he was appointed a Harrison Public Trainer. Gerry is certified as a Trainer of Radical Collaboration and a Master Coach and NLP Trainer. He is also certified as a Practitioner of Brain & Behaviour Change and Applied Neuroscience. He holds a BA (Hons) Degree in French & Linguistics, a Diploma in Marketing and MBA specialising in Managerial Psychology, Organisational Behaviour and Design.

Anna Piasecka

Anna Piasecka is a coach ICF, business consultant, graduated from SWPS in the Faculty of Social Psychology, and above all a practitioner in the team management an effective sales. She specializes in executive coaching, business and career coaching. Knowledge of the corporation and its mechanisms of action, allows her to quickly get in touch with the customer and understand the context of his work. She also keeps a consulting project related to the talent development, mainly in the field of AC/DC also using psychometric tools.

Peter Ryrvik

Peter Ryrvik is a management consultant focusing on business development and leadership. He is the president of Talent Solutions AB, a Swedish based global company specializing in achieving strong business results through cultural transformations.
Peter, who has a degree in economics and marketing, was formerly the CEO of Expert Detaljist, a Swedish company with 200 stores and annual sales of 4.3 billion SEK. He is also a senior advisor to several MDs, with his efforts leading to dramatic reductions in employee turnover and increases in profitability.
By maximizing on individual's strengths and matching these with job roles, Peter has conducted numerous benchmark studies instrumental in getting the right people working together in more collaborative and effective ways within the hospitality industry. Peter is also a co-creator, along with Dan Harrison and Jim Tamm, of the Harrison Assessment® based Radical Collaboration® Competencies Report.

Chris Smit

Chris holds a Master in Organizational Psychology. After a variety of consultant and senior management positions at EY, Amazon and ING, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial drive. With his co-founders he started YUCA Corporate Psychology, blending his management experience with his strong international assessment and development expertise. Chris is highly dedicated to deliver true value and, while his style can be typed as down to earth and no nonsense, clients value his genuine helpful approach and his to the point and sharp analysis.

Trudy Tanner

Trudy Tanner, based in South Africa, holds a Masters degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, a Masters degree in Business Leadership and a Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Trudy has over 30 years of professional world-class expertise in a number of disciplines including leadership, organisational change, culture, customer service excellence, mindfulness-based interventions, management, sales, logistics, banking, sales and business forecasting, business planning, innovation planning, and project leadership. Trudy provides Harrison Solutions related to leadership development, culture and engagement diagnostics, team development, service mindset, strategic strengthening of leadership and project teams and customizing behavioural competencies that breathe life into an organizations vision, mission and values and assist in mindfully shaping its culture.

Felix Wiesner

Felix Wiesner and his team, based in Mannheim/Heidelberg has been successful as CFO, COO and later M&A Consultant when in 2003 he discovered Harrison Assessments to solve Human Integration and Performance Management issues. Obtaining a much better access to the core of work satisfaction and collaboration he was among the first to develop our brand and market in Europe.. He is an expert for the creation of valid job descriptions and competency models supporting the cultural transformation for clients and partners in Germany, France and Austria.

Elena Munteanu

Elena Munteanu, based in Bucharest, Romania, is Professional Certified Coach according to ICF standards and has Psychology background with Advanced Studies in Psycho-diagnosis and Psychotherapy. In the 15 years of human resources and management consulting, Elena has lead several hundreds of Assessment and Development Centres, with the purpose of helping companies, managers and people gain objective insight on the existing resources, strong points and future development needs. Being passionate about coaching and maximising the human potential, she uses assessment as a tool for facilitating awareness while supporting individual and group development. In these regards, she worked with Harrison Assessments in the last more than 12 years for uncovering potential for approx. 3000 people, mostly employees of top multinational companies.


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